Duties of Prison Survival Consultants | Prison Preparation:


We answer all questions pertaining to the Department of Corrections Rules and Regulations.

We describe and explain what prison feels like, smells like, what the food tastes like. We deliver facts to help you understand what inmates go through.

We do this to help keep relationships and family ties strong.

We notify the client about rules of entering a correctional facility and how to adjust to the sudden lifestyle changes of being strip searched, having no personal property, sneakers with no laces, general population, etc. Ask about minimum standards directive 4923!

We explain visiting procedures to the new client. (Some facilities allow week end visits only while some jails allow weekday visits an hour at a time and during a small window.)

If the client needs psychiatric help, has needs that are outside our normal scope of comfort, and/ or if it is illegal, we will refer that client to a different consultant or hotline, if applicable. If clients have needs that are too case specific, we may have to do research and follow up with a call at a later time.

We are trained professionals and we understand your calls are of the utmost importance.To better prepare you for such a complicated conversation, we will send you a form to fill out in regards to any prison related inquiry. This will help prepare both parties to outline the cope of conversation.

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*Anything that is illegal, immoral or unethical will not be discussed.

*We are upfront and honest. If your situation is one where there is nothing more that can be done on your behalf (due to statutes and criminal history, etc) then we will tell you. We will not try to up sell you or charge you money for false hope.

*All calls are recorded for quality assurance and training purposes.

Our Prison Survival Consultants look forward to your call.



Federal Prison Consultant

Larry Levine is the top authority on federal prison and wall street prison consulting. He is recognized nationally and his prison preparation and survival accolades are too long to list. Schedule your consultant call today!



Licensed Social Worker

Wendy Kline is a Licensed Social Worker specializing in mental health and addictions. Inspired by social workers that rehabilitated her, she went on to graduate from Fordham University with her Masters Degree in Social Services. As a child Wendy struggled with traumatic experiences that led her to develop mental health issues, and later drugs and alcohol became a way of coping.



Prison Survival Specialist

Brian is a prison survival specialist and is bilingual with a focus on educating gang members how to stay safe on the inside. He works as leader in the community and has served more than 5 years incarcerated. If anyone can teach you what to do, and not do, while in prison, from many perspectives it’s Brian.



Prison Survival Expert for Adolescence

Shane has a unique perspective,as he focuses on teaching the adolescent population how to shift thinking methods into a positive creative drive in a way many can understand. Shane served more than two years in his early twenties as he spent time in and out of jail and struggled with, and overcame addiction.



Celebrity Prison Survival Specialist

Tragedy is a living legend in the Hip Hop industry with several years’ experience teaching others about jail life, and he rubs elbows with top moguls in the music industry. From street life to the lime light, this guy is well versed in prison survival literature and true to life survival skills. Tragedy’s time is limited and expensive and he only deals with serious clients.


Angelo Pisano presenting in 2016 "PRISON GUIDE: Survival Secrets Revealed