PRISON GUIDE: Survival Secrets Revealed

- by Angelo Pisano

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About the Author: Angelo Pisano is an entrepreneur, author and artist. Angelo is a prison expert, with a focus on prison preparation and new inmate consulting. A seasoned prison veteran, he served over ten years on three non violent indeterminate terms in New York State prisons, 97-R-7285, 03-A-5071 and 07-A-5744 and was finally released on July 10th, 2011.

His published work has helped hundreds of men prepare for the transitions that come with going to prison. He advises, “The situation is unfortunate, and there’s no getting around it. You don’t have to be helpless. You can be in control every single day.”
He grew up in Brentwood, Long Island with two brothers, a mother and a stepfather. As a child, he was inquisitive and smart, used it for criminal purposes and didn’t conform well with authority. If there was something he wanted, he took it and went to jail for stealing and drug use at a young age.


Despite his prowess, he was arrested on several counts of drug-related thefts and served over ten years on three separate indeterminate terms in New York State prisons.


Angelo was clean from drugs and free from stealing and focused most of his time on his natural talent, art. As a natural observer, over the years he witnessed patterns of abuse naïve and unsuspecting new convicts faced at the hands of veteran prisoners. A lot of our jail violence can be avoided if inmates were trained on what to expect while away from family and friends, and how to engage with others under those harsh prison conditions. The physical and sexual abuse, setups for extortion, bullying and tormenting, and thievery would stop if they just shifted their thinking. It seemed there was no safe place these men could learn how to protect themselves from predatory inmates and no source to help them prepare for their life behind bars.


Angelo kept a journal during those long years and after his release, he decided to give back to the younger generation as he believes in a quality education. He wrote PRISON GUIDE: PRISON SURVIVAL SECRETS REVEALED. as his way to protect future convicts, keep them safe, and help them return to their families as quickly as possible. His literary work helps others control their time wisely while behind bars for a safe and successful quick return home. In doing so, through feedback and research, he realized the importance of giving people helpful resources and more high quality content.


With his new publication, released in 2015 PRISON GUIDE: SURVIVAL SECRETS REVEALED, he hopes to protect future convicts, encouraging them to spend their time wisely while behind bars, and ensure a successful return home as quickly and safely as possible.

His website, www.prisonsurvivalsecrets.com provides valuable resources, research, and references for soon to be inmates and their families alike.



Rest easy knowing you are equipped and are ready to face any challenge that comes your way. This prison survival guide was prepared throughout my own ten years behind bars.Have the advantage over your fellow inmates and read this book. If you are open to listening, I will help you survive – and even thrive – behind prison walls.


Angelo Pisano presenting in 2016 "PRISON GUIDE: Survival Secrets Revealed