I believe the veterans, the old timers of today, should teach the next generation.

The essential survival skills that I had to learn the hard way should be shared, and not kept as secrets to use against the naive, and unsuspecting "new Jacks" entering the prison system.

The prison survival secrets have been unwritten for decades and countless people have suffered from stress and dread.

It was obvious that the need for a package that reveals these secrets was desperately needed, as the younger generations were misled and deceived.

Feelings of anxiety and helplessness flood the minds of the inexperienced inmate.

I believe that preparation and guidance is the best approach to be ready for the sudden lifestyle change that comes with being imprisoned.

The fact is that nobody gives you what I offer because nobody has my experience. I am a true veteran and you will be hard pressed to find anyone that is willing to share with you what I know.

This jail guide has been written collectively over the course of ten years and I offer the crucial information that real hardened veterans follow.

Jail Guide: Prison Survival Secrets Revealed is compact with all great content, no filler, and no sequel.

Maximize your personal safety and learn the prison survival secrets.

I lay it all on the line, so you, the new inmate won't have to. I do not attempt to cater to everyone, as that is dangerous and foolish at best.

This jail guide is geared for the inmate looking to make the best decisions with intentions of a safe return home

Jail Guide: Prison Survival Secrets Revealed

This jail guide will show you ways to be prepared and ready to start your incarceration with confidence and complete control.

I give you current survival strategies, and expose the methods that the old timers won't share with you, will all the current prison survival secrets plus so much more revealed.

This jail guide is the one authority you need before you make a costly mistake.

  • Maximize your personal safety - by clearly explaining how you can avoid becoming the target of other inmates.
  • Restoring your confidence and control - by explaining the clear boundaries already in place so you avoid looking like the unfamiliar new guy.
  • Delivering you clarity - by displaying to you the pitfalls of becoming too comfortable too quickly and to how to avoid the common errors made by new inmates.
  • Presenting you powerful lessons - on the economy, currency, and what the sacred items are so you can prepare for your best possible outcome.
  • Ensuring you peace of mind - by teaching you the social dynamics involved so you understand and are ready for the structured environment.

You will learn the prison survival secrets of the veterans such as:

5 Ways to be Prepared Now!

7 Survival Secrets Old Timers Won't Share With You

Why Life is Not Over & How Time Away Can Be Beneficial

Jail Guide: Prison Survival Secrets Revealed answers the crucial questions and guarantees to show you the following:

  • Survival Behavior & Psychology
  • Instant Preparation
  • Sizing You Up
  • Body Language
  • Observation Tactics
  • Keeping Doors Closed
  • Alliances: How & When to Connect
  • The 7 Secrets Revealed
  • When You Don't Know What to Do
  • Advanced Methods
  • And More...

Countless hours have been invested so you can enter prison prepared and confident.

You will avoid the errors and anxiety that come from being unprepared.

How much is your peaceful sleep worth?

How valuable is it for you to have your mind at ease, your physical safety taken care of and mental well-being secured?

The lessons in this book are priceless.

This book has a value of over $275.

Books of lesser value go for $97

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Consider this...
Imagine yourself walking into Jail unprepared and unsure of anything around you. And consider the regret that comes with not knowing what's in store.

You can find out everything there is to know right here, right now.

How would you feel walking into prison, cold and lonely, with no friends and no clue on how to proceed?

It's your responsibility to get the information to protect yourself.

"This is the real deal!"

This is the real deal! If you are on the fence about getting this book. Get it! I'm so serious. This guy breaks down everything, and tells you about things that you never even considered. There are so many things that he showed me. The best part of the whole book are the Seven Secrets!!

New York

This package has everything you need to prepared to serve your time!


Prison Survival Secrets Revealed offers you the best in advice for physical safety and mental tranquility. This jail guide prepares you for the biggest challenge in life. This is more than a simple book; This is over ten years of dedicated research compacted and presented in written form.

"How valuable is it for you to have your mind at ease, your physical safety taken care of and mental well-being secured?"

Jail Guide: Prison Survival Secrets Revealed is guaranteed for 60 days so you are not risking anything.

If at any time you don't agree that the advice and information revealed has genuinely and sincerely helped you in your transition to incarceration, I will issue you a complete refund.

It's that simple so you don't risk anything.

The situation is unfortunate, and there's no getting around that. But you don't have to be helpless and you can be in control every single day. It will be easy to apply these survival methods to anyone open and willing, as it was written to deliver the best value for you, the reader.

A. Pisano
Author; Prison Expert. prisonsurvivalsecrets.com

P.S. Prison Survival Secrets Revealed gives you the top guide for safety and mental tranquility. This guide prepares you for a big challenge. This is more than a simple book; This is over ten years of experience revealed.

P.P.S. If you act now, I will throw in a free bonus video hosted by me that provides you additional insight, guidance, and critical knowledge.

"Knowledge is power!"

Knowledge is power! I am soooo thankful for your book. I had no idea what I getting my self into when I was going away. The details in your book helped me deal with some issues I faced right away.

You helped me so much man!



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