PRISON GUIDE: Survival Secrets Revealed


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PRISON GUIDE: Survival Secrets Revealed

book coverPrison Guide: Survival Secrets Revealed is the research comprised during my incarceration and delivers the safe social and behavioral patterns I witnessed across the decade long stream of prisons I visited.

It includes case studies I witnessed while in prison, as well as stories from other convicts who want to share their experiences on how they got through their toughest times. The book is written for the recently convicted as well as the loved ones of those convicts. It offers readers information on what to expect when going to prison.

Further, it gives insight into the mindset of hardened prison survival masters, as to avoid any unnecessary pain and anguish while incarcerated. It also provides tips and tools for getting through the first few days of incarceration, teaches inmates to thrive amidst chaos and fear, and how to prepare for life back in society.

I provide value by giving the proven survival strategies to get you through this experience unscathed. This is to expose the methods the old timers won’t share with you on how to not get your ass kicked. This is all great content, no filler, and no sequel. This is the current Prison Survival Secrets Revealed plus so much more.