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PRISON GUIDE: SURVIVAL SECRETS REVEALED delivers current and authentic prison survival secrets that the predatory inmates wont share with potential unsuspecting victims. This is the reference material to protect the inmate that wants to return home to their families on their earliest release date safely.
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Angelo Pisano is a successful entrepreneur, author and artist and currently lives in the lovely Colorado Rockies Mountains.

He grew up in Brentwood, Long Island with two brothers, a mother and a stepfather. As a child, he was inquisitive and smart, used it for criminal purposes, and didn’t conform well with authority. If there was something he wanted, he took it and went to jail for stealing and drug use at a young age.

He served over ten years on three non violent indeterminate terms inside New York State prisons, 97-R-7285, 03-A-5071 and 07-A-5744 and was finally released on July 10th, 2011.

Throughout his incarceration, Angelo was clean from drugs and free from stealing and focused most of his time on his natural talent, art. As a natural observer, over the years he witnessed patterns of abuse naïve and unsuspecting new convicts faced at the hands of veteran prisoners. A lot of our jail violence can be avoided if inmates were trained on what to expect while away from family and friends, and how to engage with others under those harsh prison conditions. The physical and sexual abuse, setups for extortion, bullying and tormenting, and thievery would stop if they just shifted their thinking. It seemed there was no safe place these men could learn how to protect themselves from predatory inmates and no source to help them prepare for their life behind bars.

Angelo kept a journal during those long years and after his release, he decided to give back to the younger generation as he believes in a quality education. He wrote PRISON GUIDE: SURVIVAL SECRETS REVEALED as his way to protect future convicts, keep them safe, and help them return to their families as quickly as possible. His literary work helps others control their time wisely while behind bars for a safe and successful quick return home.



PRISON GUIDE: Survival Secrets Revealed

Prison Guide: Survival Secrets Revealed is the research comprised during my incarceration and delivers the safe social and behavioral patterns I witnessed across the decade long stream of prisons I visited.

It includes case studies I witnessed while in prison, as well as stories from other convicts who want to share their experiences on how they got through their toughest times. The book is written for the recently convicted as well as the loved ones of those convicts. It offers readers information on what to expect when going to prison.

Further, it gives insight into the mindset of hardened prison survival masters, as to avoid any unnecessary pain and anguish while incarcerated. It also provides tips and tools for getting through the first few days of incarceration, teaches inmates to thrive amidst chaos and fear, and how to prepare for life back in society.

I provide value by giving the proven survival strategies to get you through this experience unscathed. This is to expose the methods the old timers won’t share with you on how to not get your ass kicked. This is all great content, no filler, and no sequel. This is the current Prison Guide: Survival Secrets Revealed plus so much more.

Prison Guide is the one authority you need before you make a costly mistake. Maximize your personal safety – Restore your confidence and control – Gain clarity – Receive powerful lessons

What others are saying

This is a great book and will help teach you how to survive in jail. This for people who got caught in a jam, made some bad choices, maybe even took a wrong turn and ended up in a bad situation and it teaches the families how to be positive in a bad situation. It is prison survival 101.

MrCheeksLBFam Hip Hop Artist

I want to let you know about a great book with great reading content. You can get Prison Guide on Amazon or PrisonSurvivalSecrets.com. Wherever you go to get your books, please check out this Prison Guide. I read it myself and I loved it. Keep it up, Angelo!

Capone from C.N.N. Hip Hop Artist

I don’t endorse a lot of things so for me to get behind something, it’s authentic, original, real and sincere. This book right here is like a manual to come home safe. Unfortunately, I have been through the prison system. It’s very important we understand the consequences and what you must do to survive, to come home not just in one piece, but to come home better. This is something you need to read.

Tragedy Khadafi Hip Hop Artist & Producer

Prison Guide: Survival Secrets Revealed gives you tips on how to survive while in prison. Get your copy before you really need it.

Psycho Les of Beatnuts Hip Hop Artist

If you happen to be going into prison, or if you are coming out of prison, this is a book you need to have, man. It teaches you how to survive in prison and it’s a good book for people that deal with something that put them in jail. Check it out on Amazon.com or PrisonSurvivalSecrets.com.

Du Kelly Dupre Hip Hop Artist, Actor, Producer

It’s Professor here talking Prison Guide. It gives you tips on how to survive and how to get a job after prison. Check for that book

Large Professor Hip Hop Legend & Producer

Coming to you straight from the hood, Prison Guide gives you safety tips on how to survive in prison and how to get a job and handle yourself. Make sure you check it out!

Tek from Smiff N Wessun Hip Hop Artist

This book is a guide about life and it explains how to come home safe. You don’t have to be a gangster, this explains how to survive and tells you what you must go through. You can pick it up on Amazon.com by Angelo Pisano. Read this, realize what’s real, and support what’s right.

Royal Flush Hip Hop Artist

This is a very important book because it will tell you places that hire felons -which is very important out here. Angelo is doing great work providing information with transitions, not just on the inside, but also tell you where to go when you get out. I am the last person to sponsor anything but this is important- definitely.

Illa Ghee Hip Hop Artist

Without hesitation, Angelo’s book is impactful and very necessary for the times we live in.

Cooler Ruler Divine Producer Extraordinaire

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